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Dry Skin on Face


Dandruff in the hair for many years has in the past 10 years been spreading to areas of the face often touched with the hands. These become red and sore and lose the surface skin in white flakes.

Age and Sex

69 male

Doctor’s Advice

Steroid creams prescribed

Remedies tried and result

Popular wisdom suggests ‘dry’ skin needs ‘moisturising’ with creams and lotions but these only make the condition worse.

Steroid creams give some relief if used regularly but do not cure the condition.

Antiseptic creams will often clear the condition for a day or two suggesting bacteria are at work feeding on the fats in the skin.

Antiseptic wipes containing Cetrimide are also effective but make the skin sore.

Remedy Adopted

Daily washing with Garnier Aqua wash at about £3.99 or Tesco Facial Wash Crème at £1.99 instead of soap appears to be effective in the longer term. It is easy to use in the shower and seems effective for washing hair as well as face and neck so that dandruff is eliminated as well. No creams are needed and the skin has recovered its previous good health.

3 month report

Face and head are healthier than for years and no scaling.

12 month report

Healthy at times but no lasting cure

3 year report

Much the same

Report at 9 years

Driving me crazy! Tried everything! Face very sore and ugly.

Went to Spanish Dermatologist and......

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