3rd Age Solutions - mobilising the 3rd age
Developing the talents of over 60 year olds to discuss and demonstrate solutions to the world's problems
Perhaps a project
sounds too grand for
what we might be doing
but discussion should
lead to action and
we have the experence
and the potential to
achieve a lot.

Look at
Current Projects

Please record
your interest,
email the Secretary
or telephone 01491-412525

Look at
Current Projects

These pages will be set up to discuss and develop local projects like:-
  • Forming Senior Forum groups to discuss and record our opinions
  • Research of our local employment opportunities
  • Research of our local voluntary opportunities
  • Discussing retirement policy with local employers.
  • Observation of traffic violations and providing evidence to police
  • Survey of local road conditions
  • Observation of local criminal and nuisance activity and evidence gathering
  • Surveys of over 60's opinions
  • Developing independent living skills, like the use of the internet, and helping others do the same.
  • Selling surplus goods for charities on e-bay etc.
most of which are common to many local areas.

We may propose international projects like:-

  • Global warming
  • Protection of minorities
  • Immigration etc.
which need the best brains from round the country.

Centrally we will need help to:-

  • Maintain a database of available skills of over 60's which can be searched on the internet.
  • Maintain a database of project ideas so that they can be discussed at local meetings.
  • Later, if successful locally to promote the work nationally.
Click for further details of our proposed methods and objectives.

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