Route No 2 Coast, IKEA and North West

Route of No 2 BusThis is an attractive route taking in the whole coast of Arrecife to the Intercambiador and Argana Alta at the back of the city. A good point to start is IKEA. Cross the road from Lidl near IKEA and you will find this bus stop complete with times.

As you can see the buses run on weekdays from 7:30 to 21:45 every 45 minutes without a break.

I think these times are those for leaving the bus station (Intercambiador) but they may well be delayed by mid-day. When it comes it comes! Our circuit took 50 minutes and there is no opportunity to catch up.

Pay your 1.20 per head a the bus scurries off taking the first right to Castillo San Jose with its good restaurant and art gallery.

Castle San GabrielDown the hill and you get great views of the port, cruise ships and
marina. At the bottom you see the pretty Charco harbour on the right and the marina on the left.

The attractive castle San Gabriel houses a museum and can be reached by an ancient drawbridge.

A tourist train serves the front but cannot reach the interesting back streets.Tourist Train

The next stop is the main street, Calle Real, for shops and restaurants local style. Tourist information is nearby.

Calle Real


Don't miss the corner where the locals play dominoes and land their fish.

Gran Hotel

Enjoy the ride along the front past the Gran Hotel (3.50 coffee and cake on 17th floor),

Reducto Beach

past a wonderful beach (sun beds 3 euros) to the Reducto park and intercambiador.

IntercambiadorAt the Intercambiador you can change to buses to other parts of the island. The stop is round the back.

Now we see both sides of the Lanzarote government building. This view from the back.

Government Building

Without delay we dive off round the streets of Arrecife you have never seen.

Parts may look neglected by UK standards as there are spaces undeveloped and free for parking and chilling. However this provides a better lifestyle than much of over-crowded London.

residential space

motorwaySoon we reach the most spectacular road in Lanzarote. The newly completed circumvalacion or ring road round Arrecife. The oleandas were in bloom here before the road was opened.

General HospitalWe cross over this road and continue past a shopping centre and the wonderful General Hospital where there are no trolleys in the corridors. In Emergency they speak English though for more complex advice a translator is needed.

Back of Hospital

There is a further bus stop at the rear of the hospital for outpatients and clinics.

Far WestThe bus continues further from the centre to Argana Alta where the Gran Hotel appears as a speck on the horizon. Will we ever return?

back to the city

In no time we are scuttling back to the city though a maze of one way streets.

medularWe reach the beautiful medular road which guides traffic smoothly round the centre and provides recreation for all.

cruise liner

We return to IKEA with a last glimpse of the port.

The map below shows our approximate route plotted by my GPS camera which took all the pictures on the way.

Bus Route 2