Route No 1 - Tinasora, Valterra, the sea front, hospital, Argana Alta, Titeroy and Altavista
Timetable route 1 This is an interesting route taking in part of the coast of Arrecife the hospital and many of the suburbs. It runs every 40 minutes from 6:40 in the morning to 21:15 at night 7 days per week. It is the only route that does not stop at the Intercambiador.

You can view the route as a whole here.

We got on at Leon y Castillo 153 which is a short walk from Los Alonso on the Intercity No 3 route from Costa Teguise or Puerto del Carmen.

We start in the residential area of Valterra and quickly make our way to the waterfront via the College for Fishermen below and the Marina.

We soon reach the impressive San Jose Castle and the beginning of the Calle Real, the main street, bustling on a Saturday with a market and street musicians.

Bus No 1

College for Fishermen San Jose Castle  drawbridge Calle Real
Arrecife Sea Front

Arrecife sea front has a charm of its own as it 
blends the needs of tourism with a living and working city.
Tiny CafeCafe 2

Tiny cafes abound where tourists mingle with locals and enjoy the buzz of the sea front atmosphere
Business Area
From the Gran Hotel (great view from the top) the bus turns away from the sea through the business area and older residential areas.
Smart residences
Past smart renovated residences in wide streets which are rarely clogged with traffic.
Wide streets
Ring Road

We cross the leafy ring road with its wide central reservation for exercise machines and recreation to explore the newer areas.
College of LawyersOld residence Decathlon
We then cross motor- way to find commercial areas and the excellent hospital.
Argana Centrohospital
 This is the emergency entrance.
St Barts RoadMany more commercial premises are found on this road to meet all your needs.
The bus next swings West into attractive residential areas and turns back towards the city.
Western residential area
Turn back towards the cityUnder Motorway
Through Argana Alta, under the  motorway and back towards the city ......
....where the chat continues in the leafy squares on Saturday as every day.
room for development
We pass plenty of space for development and the Gran Hotel still looks far away.
Alta Vista Football stadiumOne way street
On past one of the football stadiums as we rattle down many one way streets back to the city via the college with its interesting climbing wall.
college wall Valterra
...and we return to Valterra
Here is a map of our route  created by my camera's GPS tracker.
Unfortunately the route along the sea front was missed by the GPS for some reason.